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Debian Policy

Hi folks,

I think Debian Policy is ready for release.  Here's my proposed
plan.  Since this is a little bit of an unusual approach, partly because
we're in the middle of a release freeze, I wanted to give people a chance
to object first.

This is a huge change, including the conversion to DocBook, and is going
to invalidate any outstanding proposed patches.  It's probably also going
to cause some issues for debian-www and possibly Lintian, since there are
probably some assumptions about the internal formats of the generated
files (although it should be hopefully fairly close).  We're also in a
release freeze, so people probably shouldn't be updating all of their
packages to the next Standards-Version right now.

My goal is to set things up so that we'll have a nice, fresh Policy
document going into the buster development cycle.

Therefore, I plan to upload debian-policy to experimental rather
than unstable.  I'll still announce it on debian-devel-announce, but with
the above caveats.  This will given the www team a chance to sort out any
issues with publishing it on the web site, and will give people a chance
to find anything that broke as part of the big conversion.

We can iterate with minor versions in experimental, and then aim for an
unstable upload once things are looking reasonably solid.  (Since this is
a documentation-only package and one where it doesn't really matter which
version releases with stretch, I'm not worrying too much about avoiding
uploads to unstable during the release freeze.)

If anyone has any objections, please mention them before Wednesday, May
3rd.  My plan is to do the upload probably some time that evening,
although it's always possible that I'll run out of time and not get to it
until next weekend.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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