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Re: have new packages listed on the debian landing page

in-line :-

On 11/05/2017, Cédric Boutillier <boutil@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Shirish,

Hi Cedric,

>> Dear Laura,
>> I missed your intent to publish in May the first time around. Having
>> seen that, I asked today on unix.stackexchange.com about if there is a
>> way to have a search which will list packages from last 3 months.
>> [...]
> There is a script in the publicity Git repo
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/publicity/dpn.git/tree/scripts/get-new.sh
> written by David Prévot, to get the new packages from a specific date,
> by comparing the Packages files from the archive and the content of
> snapshot.debian.org at that date.
> In the same directory of the repository, there is a process.pl script
> which creates the html for the list of packages to be included in the
> DPN (with links to packages.debian.org and short descriptions).
> Maybe you'll find them useful.

First, how to get a listing/output to stdout from the 1st script ?  I
just tried to run the script as it is after giving it executable
rights and got the following -

[$] ./get-new.sh

./get-new.sh: 1: ./get-new.sh: cannot open !DOCTYPE: No such file
./get-new.sh: 1: ./get-new.sh: html: not found
./get-new.sh: 3: ./get-new.sh: Syntax error: newline unexpected

Look forward to know more.

> Cheers,
> Cédric

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