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Tools for a new Debian website?


I saw in the new DPL's platform he might want to push for some changes
on the Debian website and thought I might give some feedback on a tool
Riseup (and the LEAP Code Project) has been using for a while now for
their websites.

The static generator they use is called Amber
(https://github.com/leapcode/amber) and it's main strength is very
strong i8n support.

I feel it's the kind of feature Debian could profit from very much.

You can see the result here (https://riseup.net/) and here

I've been using amber locally to send some content patches and it's
pretty easy to use and very light. All the dependencies are in Debian
and very little work would be needed to use it.

You can see what a whole amber project looks like here:

Anyway, my two cents :D


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