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Re: [Debian-Lex]

Freeeed is one of the things I am planning to include on the updated webpage.  I've used it a bit--it is currently useful for collection and production; the author is working on adapting it to also handle review of incoming productions (the current stable version does not support loadfiles as an import).

On 05/18/2017 10:22 PM, Kevin Neely wrote:

I’m curious if anyone has checked out Freeeed.  (the Free Electronic Ediscovery package).  It’s based on Apache Lucene, an OCR package I can’t remember, and some others.  I tested out a couple versions back and it is pretty amazing for free software that can scale-out in AWS when you need it.  Just curious if anyone has tried it.






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On Thu, 18 May 2017 12:14:36 +0800

Warren Stramiello <warren@stramiello.net> wrote:


> I also wanted to see if anyone is still active on the Debian-Lex

> subproject so that I could help out--if not, I may be able to start it

> up again (since I've been using Debian since Hamm, I've been an attorney

> here in the US for the last decade, and I use Debian (and OSS tools)

> heavily in my legal practice).  Any idea who the best folks to pester

> about that would be?



I maintain Marica in the list, the English version of which is visible in my sig.


This software aims to serve legal departements that manage a large number of legal files (hence probably also a large number of lawyers). The structure of the legal files in the software is based on a standard[*] historically used in French legal departments for paper files. It is not intended for lawyers, so I doubt it would fit your practice, but if you care to have a look through the demo account and give me your impression, I would appreciate it.


I would also like to see a revival of the Debian-Lex project : this software can be used internationally as the model can be applied to any kind of legal file and translation is easy; thus I believe it could be made into a debian package used for legal file management. Not sure about going at it alone though.


[* : See 'Introduction' in http://legalcase.libremen.com/site/aide/index.html]



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Legal case, contract and insurance claim management software



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