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Contribution opportunities in www.debian.org

Dear all

(note: I'm not subscribed to debian-devel, but subscribed to debian-www)

After reading the recent threads about the Debian website in the
debian-devel mailing list archives, and also because I had some bug
triagging planned for this month, I'm writing this mail to inform
about some opportunities to contribute to the Debian website for all
the people concerned about it:


For the people concerned about the frontpage, you can have a look at
the current open bugs about the frontpage:


In particular, suggestions for the two paragraphs about Debian in the
frontpage are welcome (please use #862980 for that).

2.- Design/CSS

For the people with knowledge of CSS or Design, have a look at our
open bugs:


In particular, I opened #862981 "Test www.debian.org in small and big
screens and fix it if needed" with the related comments in -devel
about the topic.

3.- Who uses Debian

For the comments about that we should promote more that "Debian is
used here and there", for now, we have the www.debian.org/users
section. Interested people can contribute by:

- Updating/auditing the current list of users: this is tracked in
#766923 (includes instructions).

- Creating new entries for the companies/organizations you work
on/with: please encourage them to send us some paragraph about how
they use Debian. Instructions here:

- There is #600902: "add RSS to http://www.debian.org/users/"; << with
this, we may include the new entries in the frontpage, for example, or
microblog them via micronews.debian.org, or whatever we decide together.

4.- If you know Perl or po4a, please join the team and help advance
one of the two possible approaches for the CVS -> Git transition.
This is tracked in #845297.
I personally prioritize the bugs about content or others which I know
I can contribute easily, but I'll try to put some time on the CVS ->
Git bug during the summertime.

5.- It's difficult to track the (some time vague or too general) ideas
commented in the mailing lists, and try to transform them in
actionable items. I would kindly ask you to better open/comment on bug
reports against www.debian.org pseudopackage, so things are not lost
in the conversation.

Laura Arjona Reina

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