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Bug#845297: push-pull CVS/GIT


This is FYI.

cvs to git migration is slow if you use git-cvsimport with the remote
repository due to the network latency.  When I tried to create www local
copy in git for me to work on it and commit back to CVS, I created
git-cvs script.


Here, I clone CVS with rsync/ssh.  Normally slow git-cvsimport is run
locally to get very fast processing for large repository like

I even created a push script from git to CVS.

There are 2 ways to sync with CVS. 

I hope this may be of some use for you.

I never got to do it but the next step was to make this export script to
work with the git submodule which I never got to do.

I think Japanese translation people runs git server and the commit to
git is committed to PO in CVS as I understand.  I don't know exactly how
it works. (Kenshi Muto <kmuto@debian.org> runs it I suppose.)


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