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adding the libarchive_ruby gem to debianpackages Bug#626210: lintian: check /usr/bin/ruby scripts for dependency on 'ruby | ruby-interpreter' changelog history when going from one source package to many Changes for Ruby in Debian (and Ubuntu) Dependency of a single binary package echoe and rubyforge gem2deb for ruby-bdb (former libdb-ruby) gem2deb: setup.rb branch ready for merging with master gem2deb: support for building using setup.rb license check: ruby 1.9.3 On repacking rmagick under the Gem2deb infrastructure (and #625558) on the correct dependency for packages with scripts using /usr/bin/ruby PET overview Please remember to push the pristine-tar branch! Repackaging libruby-hmac to new ruby packaging policy Request for review ruby-hmac Request sponsoring for the ruby-session library (Re: RFS: ruby-fftw3 0.4-1) RFC: Debian Ruby policy Re: RFH: ruby-bcrypt RFS: ruby-bunny Re: RFS: ruby-capybara RFS: ruby-fftw3 0.4-1 Re: RFS: ruby-globalhotkeys RFS: ruby-narray 0.5.9p9-1 RFS: ruby-pgplot 0.1.3-1 RFS: ruby-rubyforge and ruby-hoe Re: RFS: ruby-rubyforge and ruby-hoe (+ ruby-echoe) Re: RFS: ruby-taglib2 (was ITP) Re: RFS: systemu Ruby BOF @ debconf Re: [ruby-core:36440] Changes for Ruby in Debian (and Ubuntu) ruby-hoe, ruby-sourceforge, and ruby-echoe pushed to git [ Re: source for Hoe.pdf] The last update was on 17:32 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 125 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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