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Re: gem2deb: support for building using setup.rb

On 11/05/11 18:46, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> Vincent Fourmond escreveu isso aí:
>> On 11/05/11 17:51, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
>>> As Lucas wrote, setup.rb seems to be really deprecated. But if Vincent
>>> is willing to write the code, IMO go ahead and write a proposal so we
>>> can discuss in more concrete terms.
>>   It's in principle ready...
>>> I have only one requirement: instead of modifying the DhRuby class, please
>>> subclass it and override the needed methods (calling super where it
>>> makes sense), and make dh_ruby instantiate this class instead of plain
>>> DhRuby in the case --setup-rb is passed in ARGV.
>>   ... excepted for that.
>>   I'll first push the changes "as is" and I'll implement the subclassing
>> just afterwards. It is quite trivial.
> Sorry, but I forgot to push some commits from my gem2deb 0.2.3 upload
> yesterday, would you mind moving your code into a separate branch so
> that I can force-push my master branch?

  I'll do that within a few hours.

> In general, it would be nice to work on separate branches for ideas we
> want to try, and leave master always in a releasable state.

  OK, sorry.


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Vincent, not listening to anything for now

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