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Re: On repacking rmagick under the Gem2deb infrastructure (and #625558)

On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 9:03 PM, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> wrote:
> Some points:
> • The packaging didn't so far include a Ruby 1.9.1 version - I checked
>  it and it works perfectly \o/


> • The gem2deb infrastructure no longer builds the HTML
>  documentation. Now, in order to build the documentation, we were
>  running the examples - And as the package does not ship a test
>  suite, I listed all of the examples in debian/ruby-test-files.yaml
>  (except for vignette.rb, which requires an X connection)

  I'm currently working on gem2deb to provide support for setup.rb. I
think it would be better to wait for it and let setup.rb run the
postinstallation scripts the way they should, rather than by
specifying them manually. This way, we know we won't diverge from

> • Of course, I know that we should test with the upcoming ImageMagick
>  release (#625558). I have not yet done anything in that regard, but
>  it should be as simple as installing the right build-deps from
>  experimental.

  It unfortunately isn't ;-)... See #625558.

> That should be it. Please tell if you feel something is wrong... I'll
> leave a couple of days before acting on this, to allow for comments.

  I was planning to wait until gem2deb with setup.rb support is out to
switch to newer packaging policy, but feel free to upload in the
current state if you wish. But I eventually will use gem2deb's
setup.rb support to Do The Right Thing (at least from my point of

  Cheers !


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