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Re: Ruby BOF @ debconf

Hi, all.

I am going to participate in Debconf this year.
I may make role as a bridge with the Ruby community.

Ruby-kaigi is performed before  Debconf.
I am going to participate in this.
I think that I can hear it in before Debconf if I may want to hear it
what it is.

Best regards,

2011/5/9 Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@softwarelivre.org>:
> Lucas Nussbaum escreveu isso aí:
>> Hi,
>> I've just submitted a Ruby BOF at debconf.
>> I hope that many of you will be able to attend. Put differently: if you
>> read this email, please apply for Debconf sponsorship! You don't need to
>> be a DD or DM to be sponsored, and if you don't apply, you will never
>> know if you would have been sponsored.
> To bad I won't be able to attend Debconf (at least not physically),
> for personal reasons. I will be looking forward to the program to try
> attending remotely via IRC.
> :-/
> --
> Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@softwarelivre.org>
> http://softwarelivre.org/terceiro

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