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Re: Please remember to push the pristine-tar branch!

On 17/05/2011 22:25, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Hi,
> Please remember to create and push the pristine-tar branch, so that we
> can recreate identical source packages from the git repo.
> If you use a squeeze development system, I don't think that it's an
> issue: git import-orig will create the pristine-tar branch
> automatically. If you don't, I'm not sure of what is going wrong, but if
> you find out, please document it in the RubyInWheezy wiki page.

You might want to add a debian/gbp.conf file containing :
pristine-tar = True
sign-tags = True

Another usage of that file that could be interesting to agree upon :
That file also allows to deal with the case of having multiple versions (that have
their own branches) of the same package, by adding :
upstream-branch = <upstream branch name>
debian-branch = <debian branch name>

Since there is no consensus about that, let me propose something already used
in some packages (i mean not only the ones i'm dealing with).
To manage stable, unstable, experimental changes on versions of the same package,
let's name them :
master, upstream : for current work, unstable/testing
master-experimental, upstream-experimental : work-in-progress
master-stable, upstream-stable : for security updates

then put debian/gbp.conf each master* branch, so that git-buildpackage, git-import-orig
on those will not wreak havoc.
It is obvious most packages won't need this, but when they do it's useful to have a
common layout.

Note : there is only one pristine-tar branch, in any case.


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