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Re: gem2deb: support for building using setup.rb

On 11/05/11 14:39, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> On 11/05/11 at 11:51 +0200, Vincent Fourmond wrote:
>>   Does anyone object to integrate a support for setup.rb directly into
>> gem2deb (something similar to the old cdbs class) ? That would be a
>> second auto build system (say, ruby-setup.rb) that users should select
>> explicitly (to avoid changing the build behaviour). This would allow to
>> keep as much code in common for the ruby build and the ruby-setup.rb
>> build, and keep things as consistent as possible.
>>   I'd be glad to write it.
> Wouldn't it risk making the gem2deb code harder to maintain?

  I realize I've been much too vague in my last email, so here is my

  * the setup.rb-supporting code would be integrated directly into
dh_ruby.rb, making it easy to share code
  * it would be triggered only on a specific option, say --setup-rb
(that must come first of course).

  What do you say about that ?



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer

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