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Re: RFC: Debian Ruby policy

Hello Vincent,

Vincent Fourmond escreveu isso aí:
>   I have completed a first draft of an official up-to-date policy for
> packaging Ruby-related software for Debian. Ideas found in this policy
> mostly come either from my understanding of the discussions on this
> list, or from the resulting code in gem2deb. The draft can be found there:
>   git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-ruby-extras/ruby-policy.git

Thank you very much for leading this effort.

>   Please feel free to review/comment and contribute to modifications. My
> intention is that this document becomes normative in the same way that
> the Debian Policy is, which means we could file RC bugs on packages not
> complying with a MUST directive.

I have made two changes to the text.

The is related to something I posted here on the list some days ago:


We should let the choice of default interpreter to the 'ruby' package, and
depend on it (or ruby-interpreter).

The second is a major review on the interpreter section, based on my
understanding of the current state of the discussions and implementations:


The only point I think could be polemic is:

  Ruby interpreters &may; provide the <literal>ruby-interpreter</literal>
  virtual package, if their maintainers consider that the implementation
  is mature enough to support most Ruby software available.

My opinion is that we should not force interpreters to provide
ruby-interpreter, but make sure that only 'sane' interpreters (whatever that
means) provide ruby-interpreter.

Perhaps we should also discuss a non-bureaucratic procedure to "certify"
interpreters as eligible to provide 'ruby-interpreter'.

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@softwarelivre.org>

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