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gem2deb: support for building using setup.rb


  Now that I got myself a little more familiar with gem2deb, I found
that there is one thing missing: the support for builds/installs using
gem2deb. The problem is the following: while in many cases the ruby dh
sequencer does the right thing, it does not when upstream build system
relies on setup.rb hooks.

  While in some cases, it is possible to run these hooks manually (with
a little bit of patching) or to run equivalent commands, in some cases
(as for rmagick), the work involved is too great to be worth it.

  Does anyone object to integrate a support for setup.rb directly into
gem2deb (something similar to the old cdbs class) ? That would be a
second auto build system (say, ruby-setup.rb) that users should select
explicitly (to avoid changing the build behaviour). This would allow to
keep as much code in common for the ruby build and the ruby-setup.rb
build, and keep things as consistent as possible.

  I'd be glad to write it.



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer

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