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On repacking rmagick under the Gem2deb infrastructure (and #625558)


  [ Explicitly Cc:ing the librmagick-ruby co-maintainers, but for
    anybody who cares ]

I am repackaging RMagick from our old style to the Gem2deb one - And I
must say it was more painless that I expected! I am, however, not yet
uploading the new packages until you -who have worked more with the
package than myself- agree that there are no problems with it. The git
repo is at:


Some points:

• The packaging didn't so far include a Ruby 1.9.1 version - I checked
  it and it works perfectly \o/

• The gem2deb infrastructure no longer builds the HTML
  documentation. Now, in order to build the documentation, we were
  running the examples - And as the package does not ship a test
  suite, I listed all of the examples in debian/ruby-test-files.yaml
  (except for vignette.rb, which requires an X connection)

• Of course, I know that we should test with the upcoming ImageMagick
  release (#625558). I have not yet done anything in that regard, but
  it should be as simple as installing the right build-deps from

That should be it. Please tell if you feel something is wrong... I'll
leave a couple of days before acting on this, to allow for comments.

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