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Re: gem2deb: support for building using setup.rb

On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 10:39 PM, Antonio Terceiro
<terceiro@softwarelivre.org> wrote:
>> > http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-ruby-extras/gem2deb.git;a=commitdiff;h=fb547d84b5545ac5dee8de9023ccae51d5cf61da
>> >
>> > So you should be good by overriding install_files_and_build_extensions
>> > on your new class.
>>   I've done that, and did as well for tests so far, but just stating it
>> is currently not supported. I need to dig a little more into this.
>> > after (or instead of) `setup.rb clean`, shouldn't you also do `setup.rb distclean`?
>> > (I think ruby-pkg-tools does something like that)
>>   I've changed to distclean.
>>   I've attached an archive of git format-patch, to avoid blundering too
>> much with the master repository.
> That looks nice!

  Cool !

> I didn't understand, however, why you overrode run_tests to disable them:
> as far as I can see, the way of running the package tests used in
> the main dh_ruby must work ok.

  I'm unsure about that: the testrunner.rb uses the source directory
as library path for loading the test files. Of course, this will work
for pure ruby libraries, but, at least for setup.rb, it will fail
miserably for built extensions, since the build cleans up the built
files in the source after installing. I'm wondering: shouldn't
testrunner.rb rather use debian/package/usr/lib/vendor_ruby and co as
library path ? This is guaranteed to work, at least if tests are run
*after* installation (which is the case) ?

  I'm on my way to write unit tests for DhRubySetupRb, I'll post the
full patchset, and I'll wait for your comments before pushing to
master ;-)...




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