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Re: RFS: ruby-rubyforge and ruby-hoe

On 19/05/11 at 14:56 -0700, Clint Byrum wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> At Lucas's suggestion, I've pushed a fixed ruby-hoe with the offending PDF file removed, so
> it should be uploaded for NEW processing.
> I've also pushed a new package into the git repository, ruby-rubyforge. I tagged it as released
> already, sorry for that. If someone can upload that as well, I'd be eternally grateful.


Usually, I do not bother with filing ITPs

There are commented out lines in debian/control
The description should probably not link to the PDF, not point to the
In README.source, mention the removal of the pdf

There's a debian/patches/debian-changes-2.9.4-1 that should be turned
into a proper patch or removed.

(Looks like you are using an old gem2deb version, according to the
BUild-Depends line)
The description needs to be edited to fit the Debian description
guidelines. You can't just reuse the gem description.
(Build-)Depend on ruby-json.
follow the Depends guidelines in RubyInWheezy (ie ruby |
ruby-interpreter, in this case)
FIXME in ruby-rubyforge.docs

UNRELEASED -> unstable
Depends => ruby | ruby-interpreter
I'm not sure the description is enough. What does it do? Allow the user
to factor out common tasks? How is it different from hoe, then?
If you patched the require rubygems, why do you still need an override?
FIXME in ruby-hoe.docs


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