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Re: Request for review ruby-hmac

On 12:44 Sun 08 May     , Lucas Nussbaum wrote: 
> Review:
> debian/control:
> - please uncomment Vcs-*

> - the description should be rewritten to be useful to debian users. For
>   example, the short description should probably say that it's a "Ruby
>   interface to the HMAC algorithm" or something like that. Also, the
>   line about who wrote it has nothing to do in a Debian description.
Fixed this
> - the transitional packages were apparently copied from ruby-rspec (see
>   Description:)

So dumb of me :) Didn't notice ruby-rspec there :)
> - see FIXME in ruby-hmac.docs

Fixed it.

Additionally moved the old conflicts on libopenid-ruby to ruby-hmac
from the libhmac-ruby1.8 and libhmac-ruby

Thanks for the review :) Shall I tag the debian directory?

Vasudev Kamath
vasudev@joindiaspora.com (Ostatus)

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