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Re: [Dctrl-tools-devel] Description-less packages file Re: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#647307: haskell-xss-sanitize: fails to build on mipsel Re: [SRM] dpkg for squeeze Re: [SRM] shorewall{,6,-lite,6-lite} update for stable? Re: [SRU] update for powertop in 6.0.1 adolc source tarball repack Re: BinNMU for drizzle Re: binNMUs? Bug#547393: proposed binNMU for libjpeg transition Re: Bug#587315: 'multipath: unknown hardware handler type' with hardware_handler "1 hp-sw" Bug#622134: transition: openssl 1.0.0 Bug#622152: [britney2] Port to python2.6 (s/PyFoo_Check/PyFoo_CheckExact/) Bug#622152: marked as done ([britney2] Port to python2.6 (s/PyFoo_Check/PyFoo_CheckExact/)) Bug#622371: marked as done (transition: webkit) Bug#623148: pu: package webkit/1.2.7-0+squeeze2 Bug#624591: transition: libgmp3c2 → libgmp10 Bug#624807: marked as done (transition: Libav 0.7) Bug#628529: transition: ICU transition (4.4 -> 4.8) Re: Bug#629255: Perl transition blockers: candidates for testing removal Bug#629477: marked as done (transition: gnustep-base, gnustep-gui, libobjc) Bug#630201: marked as done (transition: liblzma 5) Bug#630201: transition: liblzma 5 Bug#631018: [RFC] libevent 2.0 transition Bug#633304: marked as done (transition: ocaml 3.12.1) Bug#633304: transition: ocaml Bug#634797: opencv 2.3 transition Bug#635515: marked as done (transition: hunspell) Bug#636682: marked as done (transition: fluidsynth) Re: Bug#636929: add a template for "urgency bumps"? Bug#637331: Accepted ruby-gnome2 1.0.3-1 (source all amd64) Bug#637331: marked as done (transition: GNOME 3) Bug#637809: Bug#649177: Add breaks on update-inetd when #649174 is fixed Bug#637809: marked as done (transition: perl 5.14) Bug#637809: transition: perl 5.14 Bug#637809: Upgrading perl 5.14 transition blocking bugs Bug#638818: marked as done (transition: botan1.8) Bug#640977: marked as done (nmu: gofigure2_0.8.2-1) Bug#642308: marked as done (RM: clang/2.9-11) Bug#644042: pu: package partman-target/72 Re: Bug#645881: critical update 29 available Bug#646156: pu: package xorg-server/2:1.7.7-14 Bug#646254: libhangul transition binnmu Bug#646254: marked as done (transition: libhangul0 -> libhangul1) Bug#646340: marked as done (nmu: yiff_2.14.5-7) Bug#646340: nmu: yiff_2.14.5-7 Bug#646762: marked as done (nmu: libwx-perl_1:0.9902-1) Bug#646891: marked as done (nmu: qmmp_0.5.2-1) Bug#647248: pu: package rng-tools/2-unofficial-mt.14-1~60squeeze1 Bug#647303: marked as done (nmu: libtasn1-3_2.10-1) Bug#647303: nmu: libtasn1-3_2.10-1 Bug#647649: pu: package bti/028-2+squeeze1 Bug#647658: Description-less packages file Bug#647883: lists ${distro_codename}-updates but needs stable-updates Bug#647901: PTS: inform when a package is involved in a transition Bug#647940: marked as done (nmu: upower_0.9.14-2) Bug#647940: nmu: upower_0.9.14-2 Bug#648263: marked as done (nmu: ekiga_3.3.1-2 (from experimental)) Bug#648263: nmu: ekiga_3.3.1-2 (from experimental) Bug#648315: binNMU: lcgdm Bug#648318: binNMU: voms 2.0.6-3 Bug#648318: marked as done (binNMU: voms 2.0.6-3) Bug#648321: marked as done (transition: tracker 0.12) Bug#648321: transition: tracker 0.12 Bug#648559: transition: evolution 3.2 / libgdata 0.10 Bug#648602: marked as done (nmu: hwloc rdeps) Bug#648602: nmu: hwloc rdeps Bug#648628: transition: gpsd Bug#648775: transition: mono 2.10 Bug#648918: marked as done (transition: qscintilla2) Bug#648918: Rebuilds done Bug#648918: transition: qscintilla2 Bug#648918: Update Bug#649078: binNMU: pyabiword 0.8.0-8.1 Bug#649078: marked as done (binNMU: pyabiword 0.8.0-8.1) Bug#649083: binNMU gxneur 0.12.0-1 Bug#649083: marked as done (binNMU gxneur 0.12.0-1) Bug#649088: RM: dbi-link -- ROM; Upstream no longer maintains Bug#649173: pu: package nss-pam-ldapd/0.7.16 Bug#649240: Upcoming upgrade issues with GNU Screen for Wheezy Re: Bug#649307: gnat-4.6: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64 (gengtype: Internal error: abort in get_output_file_with_visibility, at gengtype.c:1998) Bug#649339: vtk 5.8 transition Bug#649347: marked as done (nmu: ledger_3.0.0~20100623+eda6cbd-1) Bug#649347: nmu: ledger_3.0.0~20100623+eda6cbd-1 Bug#649460: improved architecture annotation in dependency analysis script/page Bug#649648: transition: gnome-desktop3 Bug#649773: nmu: omniorb-dfsg_4.1.5-2 Bug#649774: marked as done (nmu: opendchub_0.8.2-2) Bug#649774: nmu: opendchub_0.8.2-2 Bug#649805: marked as done (nmu: libfiu_0.14-2) Bug#649805: nmu: libfiu_0.14-2 Bug#649845: binNMU request for proftpd addon modules Bug#650132: hint: binary to source mapping has unhelpful side-effects Bug#650153: nmu: libproxy_0.3.1-4 Bug#650542: marked as done (pu: package mojarra/2.0.3-1) Bug#650542: pu: package mojarra/2.0.3-1 Bugfix for #646434 in Squeeze? Re: Bugs in stable c-ares package Building kernel udebs from kfreebsd-* Creating a list of rc-buggy leaf packages Debian artwork for Wheezy Description-less packages file Emdebian integration Extended release goals info in YAML Fixed perl upgrade in sid for me Re: haskell transition analysis Is blocking "ruby-json" from migrating to testing really necessary? Re: libconfig9 for Wheezy? Mono 2.10 transition request Re: Multiarch support in dpkg — really in time for wheezy? Re: Multiarch support in dpkg — really in time for wheezy? Re: Multiarch support in dpkg — really in time for wheezy? Re: Multiarch support in dpkg really in time for wheezy? NetCDF 4.1.3 in experimental NEW changes in oldproposedupdates NEW changes in proposedupdates Perl transition blockers: candidates for testing removal perl transition underway; breakage with libjson-pp-perl Re: Please binNMU fluxbox Processed: block 628529 with 624962, block 628529 with 648506, block 628529 with 648507 Processed: block 628529 with 644250 Processed: block 628529 with 649124 Processed: block 631018 with 647992 Processed: block 633304 with 647357 Processed: block 633304 with 647593 Processed: block 634797 with 634796 631822 Processed: block 637809 with 625828 Processed: block 637809 with 634598 Processed: block 637809 with 647120, severity of 647120 is serious Processed: block 637809 with 648839 Processed: block 637809 with 648842 Processed: block 637809 with 648857 Processed: block 637809 with 648858 Processed: block 637809 with 648954 Processed: block 637809 with 649004, block 637809 with 649006 Processed: block 637809 with 649055 Processed: block 637809 with 649058 Processed: block 637809 with 649059, block 637809 with 649060, block 637809 with 649061 ... Processed: block 637809 with 649063 Processed: block 637809 with 649117 Processed: block 637809 with 649118 Processed: block 637809 with 649177 Processed: block 637809 with 649180 Processed: block 637809 with 649302 Processed: block 637809 with 649306 649307 Processed: block 645105 with 631019 Processed: block 648628 with 648495 Processed: block 648628 with 648496 Processed: block 648628 with 648502 Processed: block 648628 with 648504 Processed: close Processed: merging bugs Processed: Re: Bug#622152: [britney2] Port to python2.6 (s/PyFoo_Check/PyFoo_CheckExact/) Processed: Re: Bug#630201: transition: liblzma 5 Processed: Re: Bug#633304: transition: ocaml Processed: Re: Bug#644042: pu: package partman-target/72 Processed: Re: Bug#647248: pu: package rng-tools/2-unofficial-mt.14-1~60squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#647649: pu: package bti/028-2+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#648857: libdbd-interbase-perl: needs to be rebuilt against perl 5.14 Processed: Re: Bug#649004: libbsd-resource-perl: ftbfs on kfreebsd-i386 Processed: Re: Bug#649177: Add breaks on update-inetd when #649174 is fixed Processed: Re: Bug#649460: improved architecture annotation in dependency analysis script/page Processed: tagging 628529 Processed: tagging 630201 Processed: tagging 631018 Processed: tagging 637809 Processed: tagging 648918 Processed: tagging 649339 Processed: unblock 637809 with 625828 Processed: unblock 637809 with 634598 Processed: unblock 637809 with 649112 Processed: unblock 637809 with 649118 Processed: user, usertagging 646254, usertagging 646254 ... proposed binNMU for libjpeg transition Proposed stable update: nginx Re: Proposed stable update: recoll Release goal proposal: Archive-wide build-arch and build-indep support Removal of kcollectd from testing RFR / ITM: b2 p-u branch Re: ruby1.9.1 migration to testing Stable update of hplip for CVE-2011-2722 (#635549) ? Re: stable-proposed-updates: considering cpufrequtils Re: Task installability and britney Re: tentative upload to stable-proposed-updates [cython] Re: tzdata 2011n uploaded to lenny-volatile and squeeze Upcoming perl 5.14 transition Upcoming upgrade issues with GNU Screen for Wheezy Update of clamz Re: Update to byobu in stable to fix bug #548717 Updating gosa package in squeeze Re: Updating libcgicc in stable to fix #600943 Updating stable Cherokee 1.0.8-5 to avoid a predictable password generation Re: Upload libpqxx3 Uploading a new miniupnpc version to SID Uploading linux-2.6 (3.0.0-6) Uploading linux-2.6 (3.1.0-1) whatsnewfm in squeeze-updates? The last update was on 06:14 GMT Sun Dec 11. There are 363 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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