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Re: haskell transition analysis

Hi Jerome,

thanks for the results

Am Dienstag, den 29.11.2011, 15:54 +0100 schrieb Jerome Vouillon:
> Hi Joachim,
> I'm trying the tools that I'm currently developing on the Haskell
> migration. (We discussed about them at IRILL.) Here are the results.
> An issue I have is that the Haskell documentation is broken on ia64:
> the packages containing the documentation depends on the virtual
> package haddock-interface-16 which is not provided by any package on
> ia64.  As these are arch:all packages, britney does not see that...

Yes, these arch:all package will not be installable without ghc-haddock,
but AFAIK, this is ok.

> > Now the haskell package are in shape for a migration:
> > http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/haskell.html
> As far as I can see, agda (packages agda, agda-stdlib, and
> haskell-dummy) will prevent the migration.

haskell-dummy has the same version in testing as in unstable; nothing
needs to migrate there, I think.

About agda, you are right; I forgot that it also builds a haskell
library, so it is tied into the transition.

> There is also an issue with haskell-yesod. Indeed, we have the
> following dependencies:
> - libghc-yesod-dev depend on libghc-yesod-form-dev;
> - libghc-yesod-form-dev depends on libghc-shakespeare-js-dev;
> - libghc-shakespeare-js-dev depends on libghc-shakespeare-dev.
> But the last package is not up to date under powerpc.

Thanks for pointing that out. Both agda and haskell-shakespeare need to
be removed on powerpc, where we stopped supporting packages that require
Template Haskell. I’ll file the removal bugs right awaay.

> Left-over powerpc packages from the source package haskell-chart
> (packages libghc-chart-dev, libghc-chart-prof, and libghc-chart-doc)
> need to be removed ("decrufted") from unstable as well.

Do you mean removed from testing?

> Then, the ages of haskell-shakespeare (6 days) and
> kfreebsd-kernel-headers (5 days) will delay the migration.
> > The last upload of a haskell package is haskell-maths, and needs 7 more
> > days to be ready to migrate.
> It seems that this package can migrate independently from the others.

Hmm, interesting; not what I expected, but no reason to complain.


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