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Bug#637331: Accepted ruby-gnome2 1.0.3-1 (source all amd64)

On Mon, Nov  7, 2011 at 15:21:37 -0200, Antonio Terceiro wrote:

> I was assuming that ruby-gnome2 was still being blocked by sshmenu-gnome and
> screenruler anyway so that this upload would not affect the transition to
> testing. But they were removed from testing two days ago without any

The thing to do in that case is to fix the issue with sshmenu-gnome and
screenruler, not upload a new version.

> communication with the ruby-gnome2 maintainers, so how was I supposed to known
> that the ruby-gnome2 version that was already on in sid was now ready to enter
> testing?
> Moreover, http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/gnome3.html does not list
> ruby-gnome2 at all. Starting from that page, how do I reach the conclusion that
> ruby-gnome2 is involved in the GNOME 3 transition?
That page is useful for knowing what packages need a rebuild in sid for
the transition, not a whole lot beyond that.

> I was wondering, is there a place where I can check "is it ok to upload
> ${package} now?"? Is there any machine-parseable data source that can be
> processed to provide a yes/no response for this question?
If a package has a different version in sid and testing, and the reason
it's not in sync is not a RC bug in said package, then it's probably not
ok to upload.  So grep-excuses, essentially.


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