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Re: Updating stable Cherokee 1.0.8-5 to avoid a predictable password generation

On Wed, 2011-11-23 at 18:47 -0600, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Adam D. Barratt dijo [Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 10:52:16PM +0000]:
> > Unfortunately, only the .changes files in DELAYED (well, DEFERRED/ once
> > it actually reaches the file system on ftp-master) are world-readable,
> > so I can't run a debdiff.  However, if the result would be just the
> > patch you included in your mail and the changelog stanza as included in
> > the .changes, then please feel free to reschedule it to DELAYED/0;
> > thanks.
> Ok - Uploaded to the regular queue.

You need to use dcut's "reschedule" functionality (or something that
produces an equivalent .command file) rather than just re-uploading.
Otherwise the queue daemon on ftp-master helpfully eats your new upload
because it's already there (quite possibly without even telling you it's
done so):

Nov 24 00:49:47 processing /cherokee_1.0.8-5+squeeze1_i386.changes
Nov 24 00:49:47 /cherokee_1.0.8-5+squeeze1_i386.changes is already present on target host:
Nov 24 00:49:47 3-day/cherokee-doc_1.0.8-5+squeeze1_all.deb
Nov 24 00:49:47 Job cherokee_1.0.8-5+squeeze1_i386.changes removed.

Or you could just leave it for another 2-and-a-bit days and let it work
through DEFERRED on its own. :-)



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