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Emdebian integration

I've now got a VM managed by DSA to handle the processing of Emdebian
packages using blavet.debian.org and I'm liaising with ftp-master to
sort out the GnuPG key to sign uploads.

I've already included support for armhf inside the Emdebian scripts, so
that will update alongside the other architectures. The full list is
now: i386, amd64, armel, armhf, mips, mipsel, powerpc. Emdebian is not
proposing to support contrib or non-free nor BSD kernels. The current
Lenny and Squeeze releases should stay unchanged, moving Emdebian Grip
from 2.0.2 (based on Squeeze 6.0.2) to Emdebian Wheezy-Grip 7.0. I've
also investigated CD builds and Steve's happy to provide them once
wheezy-grip is in a usable state.

My current plan is:

0: Continue development with help from ftp-master and DSA to get the
final bugs out of the scripts.

1: Process packages on blavet and dput the resulting .changes files to
www.emdebian.org and ensure the processing can keep in sync with the
main archive.

2: Decide how to populate the new suites. I am currently working on
bringing sid-grip into sync with the main archive and I'd like that set
of packages to be sync'd to Debian to initialise sid-grip and (if you
want to do it this way) wheezy-grip. Alternatively, create wheezy-grip
in a similar manner to how armhf will do it, but this will be for
seven architectures, not one - albeit with < 3,000 packages each.

3: Switch over to using dput to ftp-master sometime around the New
Year. Convert www.emdebian.org to be a mirror of the Emdebian suites.

At some point, I'll contact the www team to sort out support in
packages.d.o and qa.d.o.

How does this sound to you? 


Neil Williams

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