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Re: Building kernel udebs from kfreebsd-*

Hi Philipp,

2011/11/5 Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org>:
> Would there be a volunteer to implement that for kFreeBSD too?  It could be as
> easy as calling kernel-wedge post-build, but at least for linux-2.6 changes
> to kernel-wedge were necessary[1].

Nice idea and thanks for the tip.  I implemented this for kfreebsd-10
(being uploaded as I write).

For kfreebsd-9 maybe it's better to wait a few days since it'll have
to go through NEW soon (upstream 9.0 release).

And for kfreebsd-8 it would interfere with TERM=xterm transition (see
#647672), I'd rather not touch it for now.

Robert Millan

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