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Re: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#647307: haskell-xss-sanitize: fails to build on mipsel

Hi Joachim,

I'm trying the tools that I'm currently developing on the Haskell
migration. (We discussed about them at IRILL.) Here are the results.

An issue I have is that the Haskell documentation is broken on ia64:
the packages containing the documentation depends on the virtual
package haddock-interface-16 which is not provided by any package on
ia64.  As these are arch:all packages, britney does not see that...

> Now the haskell package are in shape for a migration:
> http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/haskell.html

As far as I can see, agda (packages agda, agda-stdlib, and
haskell-dummy) will prevent the migration.

There is also an issue with haskell-yesod. Indeed, we have the
following dependencies:
- libghc-yesod-dev depend on libghc-yesod-form-dev;
- libghc-yesod-form-dev depends on libghc-shakespeare-js-dev;
- libghc-shakespeare-js-dev depends on libghc-shakespeare-dev.
But the last package is not up to date under powerpc.

Left-over powerpc packages from the source package haskell-chart
(packages libghc-chart-dev, libghc-chart-prof, and libghc-chart-doc)
need to be removed ("decrufted") from unstable as well.

Then, the ages of haskell-shakespeare (6 days) and
kfreebsd-kernel-headers (5 days) will delay the migration.

> The last upload of a haskell package is haskell-maths, and needs 7 more
> days to be ready to migrate.

It seems that this package can migrate independently from the others.

If you are interested, you can get the tools with the following
  darcs clone http://www.pps.jussieu.fr/~vouillon/coinst/darcs/dev
But there is no documentation yet! If you want to give it a try
anyway, feedbacks are welcome!


-- Jerome

PS: here is the command line I used, and the corresponding output of
the tool.

$ ./transition --input /path/to/britney/data --arches i386,sparc,powerpc,armel,mips,mipsel,s390,amd64,kfreebsd-i386,kfreebsd-amd64 --remove haskell-yesod --remove agda --remove agda-stdlib --remove haskell-dummy --migrate ghc
# source package haskell-xss-sanitize/ fix bugs #647307
age-days 6 haskell-shakespeare/
# remove outdated binary package libghc-shakespeare-prof/powerpc
# remove outdated binary package libghc-shakespeare-doc/powerpc
# remove outdated binary package libghc-shakespeare-dev/powerpc
# remove outdated binary package libghc-chart-dev/powerpc
# remove outdated binary package libghc-chart-prof/powerpc
# remove outdated binary package libghc-chart-doc/powerpc
age-days 5 kfreebsd-kernel-headers/0.61
easy alex/3.0.1-1 darcs/2.5.2-6 ftphs/amd64/1.0.7-3 ftphs/armel/1.0.7-3 [...]

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