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Bug#648559: transition: evolution 3.2 / libgdata 0.10

> Hi,
> with GNOME 3.2 comes another transition for evolution and libgdata:
>  * libebook1.2-10 → libebook-1.2-12
> The following packages need sourceful uploads:
> The following packages need binNMUs:
>  * libreoffice

Sorry, no. I don't know how you checked but it needs a sourceful upload to recognize .so.12 (it only supports .so.11 until now, see http://patch-tracker.debian.org/patch/series/view/libreoffice/1:3.4.4-1/libebook-1.2.so.11.diff, plain upstream only knows .so.10...).

After that it can be bin-NMUed if necessary, yes...



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