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Bugfix for #646434 in Squeeze?

Hi Release Team,

due to a major change in the gpsd protocol it won't be possible to connect with
a recent gpsd (not uploaded to unstable yet, but soon) to gpsd daemons using the
old protocol. The gpsd version in Squeeze will be the last usable version which
understands the old protocol.

Unfortunately there is a bug (#646434) in the Python bindings which makes them
useless to connect to a server which speaks the old version of the protocol. As
the old protocol is still used by various applications and embedded devices, so
I would like to fix that bug in a point release to provide a last version to our
users which supports the old protocol properly.

Would that be accepted for a Squeeze pointrelease? The tiny diff is attached below.

Cheers and thanks,


 Bernd Zeimetz                            Debian GNU/Linux Developer
 http://bzed.de                                http://www.debian.org
 GPG Fingerprint: ECA1 E3F2 8E11 2432 D485  DD95 EB36 171A 6FF9 435F

diff --git a/gps/gps.py b/gps/gps.py
index 9b2c62f..1bd8d7d 100755
--- a/gps/gps.py
+++ b/gps/gps.py
@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
 import time
 from client import *
+from misc import isotime

 NaN = float('nan')
 def isnan(x): return str(x) == 'nan'

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