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Creating a list of rc-buggy leaf packages

[ CC-ing debian-release for their information, but please discuss on -qa ]


As I just started to publish the rc-stats again on my block, the release
team asked me, wether it was possible to create a list of rc buggy
leaf packages, so binary packages, which are not used as (build-)
dependency of any other package.

Turns out:  It is possible, but all ways I found are quite inefficient.

I commited my work so far to the collab-qa repository [1][2], and a
first already succeded and found about 460 of these packages (modulo
some pseudo packages).  However, my attempt took about 7 hours to finish
on wagner.debian.org, so I wondering if anyone has an idea for

Especially the grep I use to elimnate packages with dependencies takes
awfully long (took over 600 minutes last night on wagner.d.o), but my
attempt to solve that onyl with UDD are also quite slow, as the
dependencies are also only in the plaintext form, and I found any
attempt to use like operator to be even slower than that.  So, if anyone
has a good idea, or can improve my SQL, please do so now :)

 1: svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/collab-qa/rc-buggy-leaf-packages
 2: http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/collab-qa/rc-buggy-leaf-packages/

Best Regards,

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