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Announcement: Unofficial apt repository of KDE packages built with debugging support Another kdebase issue with building .debs from the cvs sources Re: Anyone else getting frequent Konqueror segfaults? Bad install defaults for KDElibs Bug#103008: konqueror: Konqueror java applet embedding vs. window managers Bug#103008: still occurs in 3.1 ? Bug#121933: Please reconfirm Bug#145021: marked as done (konqueror: problems with searching for anchors) Bug#183702: Still a problem ? Bug#193124: better, not fixed in 3.2 Bug#194652: marked as done (URL bar outputs a packet every keypress) Bug#198206: the KDE crash bug you reported Bug#198574: will be fixed in 3.2 Bug#200493: konsole: first instance appears on the wrong virtual desktop Bug#201819: marked as done (kdelibs-bin: wheel is wierd under kde (up=down, down=select or so), under windowmaker everything is fine) Bug#203185: marked as done (kdebase-bin: missing pam service) Bug#203785: marked as done (konqueror: Cannot paste text into <textarea>) Bug#203863: Fixed in 3.2 Bug#204018: marked as done (kdelibs-bin: error generating /tmp/kde-<user>/ksyscoca when home mounted via nfs) Bug#204317: leftover from 2.2 Bug#207123: Bug#207126: docbook-to-man conversion ? Bug#207125: Bug#207123: Bug#207126: docbook-to-man conversion ? Bug#207126: docbook-to-man conversion ? Bug#207130: Bug#207123: Bug#207126: docbook-to-man conversion ? Bug#207130: Bug#207126: docbook-to-man conversion ? Bug#210641: Terminal output Bug#213602: marked as done (kdelibs4 - 3.1.4 - undefined symbols) Bug#215946: /etc/kde3/magic/*.magic Bug#215946: Info received (was Bug#215946: /etc/kde3/magic/*.magic) Bug#215946: So ? Bug#218370: gdb attach ? Re: Bug#219148: kscreensaver authentification failure for kerberos5 auth. Bug#220053: marked as done (kdelibs4: Undefined symbols in /usr/lib/ Bug#220053: When is this a problem ? Bug#220378: kdelibs 3.1.4-3 Bug#220378: kdelibs 3.1.4-3: "KThemeStyle cache seems corrupt!" Bug#220378: marked as done (kdelibs 3.1.4-3: "KThemeStyle cache seems corrupt!") Bug#223453: acknowledged by developer (kdelibs4-dev should depend on libqt3-mt-dev !) Bug#223453: kdelibs4-dev should depend on libqt3-mt-dev ! Bug#223453: marked as done (kdelibs4-dev should depend on libqt3-mt-dev !) Bug#225285: KDM fails to redisplay login screen after session ends Bug#225576: Problem depend source kdebase Bug#225607: artsd fails to start with error "SNDCTL_DSP_SETFMT failed" on 2.6 kernel bugs requiring a new kdebase upload. Debian KDE maintenance Re: KDE 3.1.4 arts alsa problem KDE_3_1_BRANCH: kdeaddons/debian KDE_3_1_BRANCH: kdeartwork/debian KDE_3_1_BRANCH: kdebase/debian KDE_3_1_BRANCH: kdebindings/debian/patches KDE_3_1_BRANCH: kdeedu/debian KDE_3_1_BRANCH: kdesdk/debian kdeaccessibility/debian kdeaddons/debian kdeartwork/debian kdebase_3.1.4-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED kdebase/debian kdebase still orphaned ? kdebase upload not coming through ? kde deb pkg questions kdeedu/debian kdeextragear-2/kile/debian kdegraphics/debian kde-i18n/debian Re: KDE keyboard layout kde, language, and openoffice? kdelibs/debian kdemultimedia 3.1.4? kdemultimedia/debian kdenonbeta/kdedebian/kapture kdenonbeta/kdedebian/kapture/kapture kdenonbeta/kdedebian/kapture/kapture [POSSIBLY UNSAFE] kdenonbeta/kdedebian/kapture (silent) kdenonbeta/kdedebian/kdebconf kdenonbeta/kdedebian/livecd kdenonbeta/kdedebian/livecd/docs kdepim/debian kdesdk/debian kdetoys/debian kdeutils/debian kdevelop/debian kdm kdm (3.1.4) failed to preconfigure, with exit status 30 KOFFICE_1_3_BRANCH: koffice/debian koffice/debian A new trivial kdebase upload needed. Processed: 218370 is libssl0.9.7 bug Processed: confirming Processed: Fixed in 3.2 Processed: fixed upstream Processed: forwarded #218370 upstream Processed: forwarded + fixed upstream Processed: moreinfo Processed: moreinfo --> help Processed: notforwarded Processed: On second thought Processed: Re: Bug#103008: konqueror: Konqueror java applet embedding vs. window managers Processed: Re: Bug#198574: will be fixed in 3.2 Processed: Re: Bug#221245: kile: spellchecker should not check latex commands Processed: reproducible Processed: retitling Processed: unrep Processed: woody Processing of kdebase_3.1.4-1_i386.changes QUANTA_3_1_BRANCH: quanta/debian So what's kdebase waiting for now? Struggling with dpkg-buildpackage with kdebase (latest CVS) Three more bugs: Where's kdebase 3.1.4? The last update was on 19:29 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 230 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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