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CVS commit by mornfall: 

Importing kapture into CVS. If you cannot read my mind, this is probably
useless to you. I wanted to show that i am coding on this (and that this
isn't that vapourwareish like it might seem)...

It might be able to do something useful before end of the year. Watch
the commits -- the very basic functionality isn't that far away. But
right now, please do not bother: it won't even compile. There might be
some huge design errors and all. For your sanity sake, please abstain
from reading the code for now. I will tell you when it's ready to
receive someone else's (ie yours -- as opposed to my own) work.

CCMAIL: kde-debian@kde.org

  A            .cvsignore   1.1
  A            AUTHORS   1.1
  A            COPYING   1.1
  A            INSTALL   1.1
  A            Makefile.am   1.1
  A            Makefile.cvs   1.1
  A            NEWS   1.1
  A            README   1.1
  A            VERSION   1.1
  A            configure.in.in   1.1
  A            kapture/Makefile.am   1.1
  A            kapture/kapture.cpp   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            kapture/kapture.desktop   1.1
  A            kapture/kapture.h   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/kapture_part.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/kapture_part.desktop   1.1
  A            kapture/kapture_part.h   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/kapture_part.rc   1.1
  A            kapture/kapture_shell.rc   1.1
  A            kapture/main.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/pkggrouper.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/pkggrouper.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            kapture/pkglist.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/pkglist.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            kapture/pkgsubtree.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/pkgsubtree.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            kapture/pkgtree.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/pkgtree.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            kapture/pkgtreeitem.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/pkgtreeitem.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            kapture/pkgtreenode.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/pkgtreenode.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            kapture/pkgview.cpp   1.1 [no copyright]
  A            kapture/pkgview.h   1.1 [UNKNOWN]
  A            kapture/pkgviewui.ui   1.1

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