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Bug#207123: Bug#207126: docbook-to-man conversion ?


> Thanks a lot for these patches.  I know it's a bit of an annoying
> thing to ask, but we ( the KDE Debian packagers ) and Debian in
> general have a bit of a tendency to prefer docbook style manpages ...

Do we?  Debian policy simply requires manpages - there's no mention of
docbook in policy AFAICT.  Moreover, many of the KDE packages for debian
are currently using native manpages (certainly all of mine do).

If the submitter(s) have gone to the trouble of writing these manpages,
why can't we drop them in for the time being?  If someone wants to
convert them to docbook then that's great but in the meantime we'll
have manpages as required by policy.

Note that it's nothing more than dropping the manpage in as
debian/kfoo.1 and adding the line "debian/kfoo.1" to debian/kfoo.manpages.


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