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Re: Debian KDE maintenance

On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 03:13:57PM +0100, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> 1.  Exactly what is the role of the alioth pkg-kde project ?  AFAICT
>     from the website, there is no activity there, even the CVS
>     repository is empty.

The role is what we define it to be :) It is still in the planning phase. 
There is no cvs repository, because the current plan is to use
subversion [1] not much to see there either.

> 2.  Where does active development occur on the packages ?  KDE CVS or
>     the repository on alioth ?  If on KDE CVS, then in what branch do
>     you work ?  3_1 or HEAD ?  When will you move to the new 3_2
>     branch ?  

There will be several diffrent branches. The model Branden uses for
xfree86 maintainance[2] is probably close to what will be in kde svn.
Now if I remember correctly, that means that "trunk" is whatever is going
to next to sid, and under branches we debian dirs for other upstream versions
(cvs, 3_2 and if we would have started this earlier 2_2). And under
there, dirs for debian releases (sid/woody and soon sarge).

And under people we have our own sandboxes where we can try any nontrivial
changes. Now that's the plan, search the archives for more discussion.
If anyone comes out with better ideas, now is the good time tell about
them :)

> 3.  How do you handle the upstream releases ?  Do you take an official
>     tarball as prepared by the KDE release dude, or do you pull your
>     own copy from CVS at a time that suits you ?  What happens if you
>     then need to make some modifications to the debian-specific stuff
>     and release a new package, but still based on the same upstream
>     release ?

Afaik we take the relases from cvs and clean them abit (remove CVS dirs
etc). debian-specific changes are shipped as paches under

> 4.  Is there an irc channel where you discuss the debian kde package
>     development ?

#debian-kde on freenode. There is typically more non-development
discussion there thou.

> 5.  Is there some kind of procedure on committing changes to the
>     debian/ stuff ?  I suppose trivial patches can be applied without
>     a problem ?  Where does discussion occur on more intrusive patches
>     ?

The policy suggestion[3] seems disappeared from people.debian.org - probably
cleaned just to be sure. If I remember correctly, nontrivial patches 
should be done under your own people/domi branch, where the main package 
maintainer can verify them and merge it to trunk.

> 6.  What is the status of the group maintainership ?  

Waiting that the more critical stuff (kdebase) gets done,
basicly. I think everyone pretty much agreed with the proposed policy.
And svn is pretty new to most of us, so there will probably be some
experimenting with it first.

And finally as reply to your other mail, you need get an alioth account
and ask one the project admins to add you.

[1] http://svn.debian.org/
[2] http://deadbeast.net/~branden/svn_pres/top.html
[3] http://people.debian.org/~madkiss/debian-kde-policy.html

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