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kde deb pkg questions


While packaging some kde apps for woody and I run into some
annoying problems:

	o Some Makefile.am use KDE 3.2 xdg_appsdir and destop
	  files end up in /usr/share/applications/kde also for
	  kde 3.1.4.  My current workaround is to use in rules
		make install xdg_appsdir=/usr/share/applnk/Graphics ...
	  Is there an better way?  E.g., Makefile.am changes or
	  starting automake with some magic so kde 3.1.4 install
	  in applnk and kde 3.2 installs into applications?

	o upstream tar balls comes with po/*/*.gmo files.  Those
	  are updated during make but not removed by distclean.
	  So a second debuild fails due to binary changes compared
	  to .orig.tar.  What's the right way handle this?
		remove *.gmo files for orig.tar
		touch gmo files so there are not rebuild
		modify distclean
Thx for any advise,

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