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Re: kde, language, and openoffice?

El Sábado, 27 de Diciembre de 2003 10:54, Hadmut Danisch escribió:
> I need to install and configure some debian computers
> for non-experienced users with KDE and openoffice.
> Now I have a certain problem:
> KDE allows to select the user language for the KDE
> session, but does not propagate this in the environment
> language. Openoffice allows to set the user language as
> well, but does not provide a menu option. Instead it requires
> the environment variable LANG set properly.
> Since I do not want to set the variable globally and do
> not want to fiddle with every single account, I'm looking
> for a way to propagate the KDE language setting into the
> LANG environment variable (once for all users). Any idea
> how to do it?

Please, note that debian-qt-kde is a list for _development_ issues. If you 
have problems or doubts with the use of KDE, try debian-kde or debian-user, 

I'm crossposting to debian-kde, because this is a more accurate place.

I'm not sure about the solution of your problem, but I suggest to look at 
/etc/environment, and execute dpkg-reconfigure locales.

Best regards.

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