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Re: So what's kdebase waiting for now?

Chris Cheney writes:

> I haven't looked the bugs listed here yet but I have essentially
> finished the kdebase deb except for making it actually compile :\ I
> think I have fixed everything you listed (from a brief look) as well
> as some others. I have also already finished the kdm debconf stuff
> as well, which was porting all of xdm's scripts over to kdm (not
> using the simple gdm one) but haven't tested it yet since I can't
> get it to compile. The last time I tried building it failed due to
> not finding -lkicker. I will try to determine what the problem is
> and get it uploaded.

If you want, I'm willing to try and help out.  Just tell me where to
get the debian/ dir you're using, and I'll see what I can do.


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