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bugs requiring a new kdebase upload.


I've been working through a lot of debian kde* related bugs lately,
especially the release-critical ones, and there are currently four
release-critical bugs that all require a new kdebase upload:
211985 206958 210606 218731

These are all bugs for which a patch is available, or only a recompile
is needed.  I'm not sure about 210606, but chris added the pending
tag, so I'm assuming it's easily fixable too.. 

So, do you think it would be possible to do a new kdebase upload any
time soon ?  Sorry if I'm whining, but keeping these RC bugs around is
of course Not A Good Thing ;)  

I'm currently joining the Debian New Developers queue, in order to
learn more about maintaining a Debian package, so I might in the
future be able to join the KDE maintainers group.


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