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Bug#215946: So ?

So, what is this bug still about ?

It's clear to me that KDE won't be using /etc/mime-magic any time
soon, because that system is not standard either, and misses some of
the features of KDE's system.  /etc/magic isn't even a candidate, as
it doesn't contain the data that KDE needs.  Or perhaps KDE should use
/etc/magic as an additional config file ?  This would be nice, but
it's not a "sine qua non" kinda thing, since the admin can already
achieve the same by putting a link in /etc/kde3/magic to /etc/magic.
Or maybe the KDE packages should do the latter ?

About the location of the kolf magic file, this isn't really a kdelibs
bug, and not "important" ( in the sense of the debian BTS ) either.
Furthermore, there's no simple way of fixing it, afaics.

About the documentation, erm, I'm not really sure what it should say,
or where it should be put.  Any thoughts anyone ?  Anyone fancy doing
the work ?

Any more things that need discussing ?


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