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Re: KDE keyboard layout

On Saturday 06 Dec 2003 8:23 pm, herve wrote:
> Hi i have kde 3.1.4 and a logitech keyboard cordless desktop the one with
> the optical mouse (4 btn) + wheel on the left of the keyboard.
> I chose in configuration panel the option "logitech Cordless desktop pro"
> aplly the nex settings, logout and relog but nothing appen...
> Could someone help me to use the multimedia keys of this keyboard??
> All help would be very appreciated...this keyboard turns me crazy :-(
> Thx in advance
> Hervé
I have a multimedia keyboard I use the multimedia buttons by having the kde 
keyboard tool running in the background. To set this up open the control 
center and go to the regional and Accessibilty menu then to Keyboard layout. 
Enter the country that you come from and the model of your keyboard. (you may 
have to guess the model or use a differant model) apply this then see if you 
can set any of the multimedia buttons in any of the standard shortcut 

This is a simple and fast explanion of how to do it. If you have any problems 
post them. good luck

Peter Nuttall  peter@nuttall.ukfsn.org

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