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Re: cooperation 初期投資\3,000円→\16,588,500円の驚異の最大報酬 Apply for Re: Backgammon online -megalomaniac sanction supplicate bbconf_1.10-7_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED biabam_0.9.7-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug Report: doxymacs fails to byte-compile with emacs-snapshot Bug Report: ilisp fails to byte-compile with emacs-snapshot Bug#113435: marked as done (mmm-mode: references unbound variable when used with emacs19.34) Bug#119260: marked as done (mmm-mode: please use package directory for elc files) Bug#121201: bethought Bug#121201: form Eldon Bug#121201: from Earnestine Bug#121201: leads, business dev, advertising Bug#121201: Number ONE home based program Bug#121201: Swimming|in|debt? Bug#135947: marked as done (mp3kult: Doesn't properly display umlauts ) Bug#136506: discounts for softwarfe Bug#136506: MAIL: Please give me some money Bug#141554: more information Bug#151566: # 1 HOME BASED PROGRAM Bug#151566: Your loan request Bug#153153: marked as done (xbmbrowser: Dialog boxes hide some text labels) Bug#154506: problem in enscript packaging and/or textfmt Bug#168574: more information Bug#169469: marked as done (zed: Can't rebind "ordinary" keys) Bug#177823: marked as done (metamail: man page does not explain the -E option) Bug#18005: marked as done (xbmbrowser is not globally configurable) Bug#181220: marked as done (wrong assumption on char signedness) Bug#197127: Lfie Expirecene Deeergs Bug#201933: libtool update Bug#201952: libtool update Bug#205919: marked as done (x-ttcidfont-conf: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates) Bug#205965: marked as done (font-lock-defaults-alist is an obsolete variable) Bug#208670: marked as done (efax segm faults when sending faxes) Bug#214681: marked as done (mmm-mode: please pack the CVS version) Bug#218087: marked as done (mmm-mode: no-site-file option should be used when byte-compiling sources) Bug#220201: marked as done (fastforward-src: warnings) Bug#220723: marked as done (sym links are not managed correctly) Bug#225003: acknowledged by developer (Removed from Debian - unmaintained) Bug#225387: marked as done ( Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno or h_errno directly.) Bug#228569: Re[6]: Hill Kapadia Kirchner Silva Bug#232036: marked as done (x-ttcidfont-conf: Simplified Chinese translation to debconf templates) Bug#232775: marked as done (Half-broken dependency on emacs20) Bug#239469: xfce4-diskperf-plugin_1.3-3(unstable/arm/netwinder): still needs libtool update for arm Bug#242068: linux-wlan-ng: missing powerpc modules Bug#242074: gnome-applets-data: postinst failure: no <list_type> specified for schema of type list Bug#242692: Missing libapplet2-dev build dependency Bug#242698: missing build dep on libapm-dev Bug#242703: gnome-control-center: Does it work with Enlightenment ? Bug#243331: marked as done (qt-embedded-free: new upstream version available) Bug#245907: marked as done (configuration model unusable) Bug#246370: xfce4-showdesktop-plugin_0.2.0-4(unstable/arm/europa): still broken on arm Bug#246997: marked as done (syncmail spits when creating a directory) Bug#247281: marked as done (Typo in syncmail(1)) Bug#249005: marked as done (qt-embedded-free: Wrong library name from QLibrary::library() method) Bug#251737: [INTL:it] Italian debconf templates translation Bug#251760: Debian's distributed-net package is now obsolete Bug#251796: xfce4-battery-plugin: pluging shows "charging from AC" allthough it is not connectet to AC Bug#251797: splitdigest.1.gz: config file location wrong Bug#251814: marked as done (cvs-syncmail: syncmail-encoding-patch.diff is not being applied) Bug#258009: marked as done (qt3-emb-doc: Not registered with doc-base) Bug#261407: libtool: please add --tag to man page Bug#261996: Market Movers and Shakers Bug#263654: marked as done (Please use gcrypt11/gnutls11 instead of gcrypt7/gnutls10) Bug#266164: marked as done (qt-embedded-free: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: there are no arguments to `clear' that depend on a template parameter, so a declaration of `clear' must be available) Bug#267392: marked as done (zopectl: [NMU] Please include the following changes) Bug#268802: marked as done (mmm-mode: Mason mode broken in xemacs - apparent incompatibility with new emacs libraries) Bug#273195: marked as done (metamail: uuenpipe does not offer base64 despite help says so) Bug#274294: marked as done (ilisp installation produces config. errors but nevertheless works fine with emacs) Bug#274713: [xml-libxml] Weird Element attribute behaviour Bug#275187: marked as done ([l10n:de] updated German debconf translation) Bug#277431: marked as done (qt-embedded: 2.3.8 is out) Bug#277690: marked as done (snacc: FTBFS on amd64: Segmentation fault) Bug#278416: marked as done (Time to update for Tcl/Tk 8.4) Bug#279340: marked as done (wpp: typo in warning message) Bug#281659: marked as done (mmm-mode: New upstream version available) Bug#285648: Efax can send pdf as well - whishlist or normal bug? Bug#286096: marked as done (Danish translation of the Debconf-template for webmin.) Bug#286712: marked as done (webmin 1.170 is available) Bug#289277: marked as done (vipec: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): 'Component::Component(const Component&)' is private) Bug#294846: marked as done (cvs-syncmail: Does not accept two or more email addresses) Bug#295147: marked as done (Library package of older version without reverse-depends) Bug#295880: marked as done (Script to address both ttySx and CAPI modems) Bug#296120: marked as done (metamail: richtext(1) does not mention the -e option) Bug#297849: marked as done (ts10: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): static declaration of 'dataMode' follows non-static declaration) Bug#300178: marked as done (cantus: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): array type has incomplete element type) Bug#300756: marked as done (/usr/bin/mailto: dies with sigseg if end of file while reading to:) Bug#302020: marked as done (Long description is useless) Bug#303917: marked as done (capi4hylafax: two sets of differing config files) Bug#305651: marked as done ('man xtoolplaces' typos: "existance", "searchs", "seperated" and "specifed") Bug#306705: marked as done (Many 'man xbmbrowser' typos: "Alturnatively", "nessary", "normall", "poping", "stripple", "usally", "usfull", etc.) Bug#306723: marked as done ('man xftp' typos: "display's" and "seearch") Bug#307564: marked as done (zeiberbude: Zeiberbude crashes when resizing windows) Bug#307760: marked as done (snacc: FTBFS (gcc-4.0): 'EOC' was not declared in this scope) Bug#311002: metamail should provide mmencode as a synonym for mimencode Bug#311047: marked as done (cooledit: the colour of the cursor coordinates (row,col) makes it hard to read on the grey border) Bug#311119: aeromail can't login Bug#311450: marked as done ('man mailto' typos: "comand", "diaplsyed", "impossble", "knowledgable", etc.) Bug#311451: marked as done ('man metasend' typo: "comand") Bug#311452: marked as done ('man patch-metamail' typo: "retreive") Bug#311453: marked as done ('man splitmail' typo: "overriden", "spliting") Bug#313801: marked as done (mp3kult: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections) Bug#314543: marked as done (gfpoken: Unable to play network games) Bug#317863: Loops forever processing bbdb.texinfo Bug#318536: texi2html: Chokes on gnugo.texi Bug#318907: marked as done (capi4hylafax: README.Debian tells wrong position of config.faxCAPI) Bug#318935: marked as done (c2faxsend: expects config file at wrong location) Bug#318941: marked as done (capi4hylafax: missing manual pages for c2faxsend and c2faxrecv) Bug#319129: marked as done (vrweb: FTBFS with gcc-3.4/gcc-4.0: permissions and friend template issues) Bug#319156: marked as done (Needs repackaging for latest aspell) Bug#320474: dict-freedict-eng-deu: Majority of words not found by dict Bug#320752: sendmail not found Bug#321120: cscvs: can't create any cache Bug#321313: FTBFS (unstable): cannot find -lselinux Bug#321432: dosemu is not installable Bug#321473: marked as done (metamail: DoS to users to prevent usage of showpartial through _hard_ links) Bug#321473: metamail: DoS to users to prevent usage of showpartial through _hard_ links Bug#321586: texi2html images licence Bug#321586: texi2html: Includes non-free image Bug#321852: [Fwd: Log for successful build of guppi_0.40.3-12 (dist=unstable)] Bug#321968: Acknowledgement (metamail: Does not provide filenames for attachments) Bug#321968: metamail: Does not provide filenames for attachments Bug#322255: efax: paperconf not found Bug#322258: efax: efax man page web location Bug#322259: efax: man page PAGE=A4 error Bug#322306: Bug#322306: bbpager fails to start under blackbox and fluxbox (possibly others) Bug#322391: rxvt: non-POSIX in debian/rules Bug#322646: FTBFS: Undeclared OpenGL symbols Bug#323175: rawrec: fails with "BUG: pthread_create failed:" Bug#323392: mmm-mode: Please include 'emacsen/emacs-snapshot' in dependencies Bug#323411: doxymacs indirectly depends on emacs21 Bug#323514: FTBFS: Cannot find <linux/ppp.h> Bug#323514: gkdial: FTBFS (amd64): linux/ppp.h: No such file or directory Bug#323540: ilisp: fail to install with emacs-snapshot Bug#323820: manpages-ru: Russian man pages are only shown in ru_RU.KOI8-R locale Bug#323820: marked as done (manpages-ru: Russian man pages are only shown in ru_RU.KOI8-R locale) Bug#323884: xfs-xtt: /etc/init.d/xfs-xtt is incorrect Bug#323987: xfs-xtt: FTBFS (ppc64): Please support the ppc64 architecture Bug#324005: php4-imagick not updated for new phpapi version Bug#324229: x-ttcidfont-conf Bug#324230: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for x-ttcidfont-conf Bug#324232: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for x10 Bug#324236: xbanner Bug#324237: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for xbanner Bug#324257: xfs-xtt Bug#324258: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for xfs-xtt Bug#324301: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-cmf Bug#324313: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-cmfldap Bug#324323: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-cmfworkflow Bug#324325: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-emarket Bug#324335: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-ldap Bug#324336: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-ldapuserfolder Bug#324350: marked as done (ts10: FTBFS: error: impossible constraint in 'asm') Bug#324350: ts10: FTBFS: error: impossible constraint in 'asm' Bug#324361: python-xlib: clean removes build-stamp unnecessarily Bug#324408: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-parsedxml Bug#324430: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-xmlmethods Bug#324433: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-znavigator Bug#324434: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zope-zpatterns Bug#324442: ITA: libunicode -- The GNOME Unicode library. Bug#324628: xt-sdf2: FTBFS with gcc-4.0: static declaration of 'hash_table' follows non-static declaration Bug#325035: gkdial: implicitly converted pointers Bug#325075: marked as done (Patch to fix build failure in rubymagick when using new libmagick) Bug#325075: Patch to fix build failure in rubymagick when using new libmagick Bug#325357: marked as done (vrweb: FTBFS on 64 bit arches: cast from 'AnyLight*' to 'int' loses precision) Bug#325357: vrweb: FTBFS on 64 bit arches: cast from 'AnyLight*' to 'int' loses precision Bug#325387: libtool: some options available in documentation are not usable under AMD64 Bug#44460: Eran Yuor Dreege Now Bug#60830: marked as done (gfpoken gives Gtk-CRITICAL error message) Bug#67384: approximately Bug#67384: attempt was made Bug#67384: Special Announcement Bug#88107: marked as done (hanterm doesn't start on PPC) Bug#96185: marked as done (mmm-mode: tar.gz does not match upstream) BUSCAMOS A LOS NUEVOS PROFESIONALES cabot_0.0.20050504-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED cantus_1.07-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED cryptofs_0.3.1-1.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED D3grees Based On Your Knowlege fw: D3gress Based On Life Experience Degrees Based On Your Knowlege Degress Based On Life Experience doxymacs_1.6.0-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED dutch_0.1e-37_i386.changes ACCEPTED ecb_2.27-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Fixed in NMU of gtk-mist-engine 0.10-1 Re: Fixes in zopectl Re: Removing zope gbuffy_0.2.6-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED Genuine Degree in only two weeks Get a better job with a Diploma GFAX gnushogi_1.3-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnusim8085_1.2.89-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED GPS Navigation gtk-mist-engine override disparity gtk-mist-engine_0.10-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ibwebadmin_0.98-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Inside Investor Alert, H0t Pick nitrated iprint_1.3-5_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED ksocrat-data_1.0.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ksocrat-data_20030107-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED ksocrat-data_20030107-3_i386.changes is NEW ksocrat_3.2.1-1_i386.changes is NEW libapache-authcookie-perl_3.08-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED libapache-requestnotes-perl_0.06-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED libghttp_1.0.9-16_i386.changes ACCEPTED libhttp-ghttp-perl_1.07-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED libunicode libxml-filter-xslt-perl_0.03-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED libxml-libxml-perl_1.58-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED libxml-libxslt-perl_1.57-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libxml-sax-writer-perl_0.44-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED re: Life Experience Degrees lwp_1.9-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED manpages-ru_0.98-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED metamail_2.7-48_i386.changes ACCEPTED metamail_2.7-49_i386.changes ACCEPTED mindterm_1.2.1-11_i386.changes ACCEPTED mmm-mode_0.4.8-1_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED mysql-navigator_1.4.2-5_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED oonsoo_1.2-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED pacakge qpage php4-interbase_4.3.10-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED phpgroupware-napster_0.9.14.000-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED postit_0.5-6_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Processed: Bug#311119: aeromail can't login Processed: Bug#317863: Loops forever processing bbdb.texinfo Processed: Bug#318536: texi2html: Chokes on gnugo.texi Processed: Clarified Processed: control Processed: Fixed in NMU of dosemu 1.2.1-3.1 Processed: Fixed in NMU of gtk-mist-engine 0.10-1 Processed: ITA: ppxp -- Yet another PPP program Processed: Mark as forwarded Processed: More descriptive title Processed: Non-debconf prompting now deprecated Processed: Not a bug in phpwiki Processed: not fixed Processed: Re: Bug#311002: metamail should provide mmencode as a synonym for mimencode Processed: Re: Bug#321313: FTBFS (unstable): cannot find -lselinux Processed: Re: libunicode Processed: Re: Processed: ITA: ppxp -- Yet another PPP program Processed: Re: Processed: Re: libunicode Processed: Re: testing bug triage Processed: Re: Unreproducible Processed: retitle 299146 to O: phpwiki -- an informal collaborative website manager, bug 299146 has no owner Processed: same bug Processed: severity of 319129 is serious Processed: solution for 201952 Processed: Tag mmm-mode bugs pending QA upload Processed: tagging 321432, severity of 321432 is grave Processed: testing bug triage Processed: Unreproducible Processed: webmin bugs Processed: Woody bug Processed: xfce4-showdesktop-plugin_0.2.0-4(unstable/arm/europa): still broken on arm Processed: your mail Processing of bbconf_1.10-7_powerpc.changes Processing of biabam_0.9.7-2_i386.changes Processing of cabot_0.0.20050504-3_powerpc.changes Processing of cantus_1.07-3_i386.changes Processing of cryptofs_0.3.1-1.2_i386.changes Processing of doxymacs_1.6.0-1_i386.changes Processing of dutch_0.1e-37_i386.changes Processing of ecb_2.27-2_amd64.changes Processing of gbuffy_0.2.6-5_i386.changes Processing of gnushogi_1.3-4_i386.changes Processing of gnusim8085_1.2.89-3_i386.changes Processing of ibwebadmin_0.98-3_i386.changes Processing of iprint_1.3-5_powerpc.changes Processing of ksocrat-data_1.0.1-1_i386.changes Processing of ksocrat-data_20030107-3_i386.changes Processing of ksocrat_3.2.1-1_i386.changes Processing of libapache-authcookie-perl_3.08-1_i386.changes Processing of libapache-requestnotes-perl_0.06-6_i386.changes Processing of libghttp_1.0.9-16_i386.changes Processing of libhttp-ghttp-perl_1.07-9_i386.changes Processing of libxml-filter-xslt-perl_0.03-6_i386.changes Processing of libxml-libxml-perl_1.58-1_i386.changes Processing of libxml-libxslt-perl_1.57-2_i386.changes Processing of libxml-sax-writer-perl_0.44-6_i386.changes Processing of lwp_1.9-4_i386.changes Processing of manpages-ru_0.98-2_i386.changes Processing of metamail_2.7-48_i386.changes Processing of metamail_2.7-49_i386.changes Processing of mindterm_1.2.1-11_i386.changes Processing of mmm-mode_0.4.8-1_powerpc.changes Processing of mysql-navigator_1.4.2-5_powerpc.changes Processing of oonsoo_1.2-9_i386.changes Processing of php4-interbase_4.3.10-3_i386.changes Processing of phpgroupware-napster_0.9.14.000-2_i386.changes Processing of postit_0.5-6_powerpc.changes Processing of qmail-smtp-sv_0-8_i386.changes Processing of qmail-sv_0-6_i386.changes Processing of roundup_0.8.4-2_i386.changes Processing of rvm_1.6-4_i386.changes Processing of rxvt-beta_2.7.10-1_i386.changes Processing of rxvt_2.6.4-7_i386.changes Processing of rxvt_2.6.4-8_i386.changes Processing of sirc_2.211-7_i386.changes Processing of synopsis_0.5.0-4_i386.changes Processing of tkcvs_7.2-2_i386.changes Processing of tleds_1.05beta10-9_i386.changes Processing of toolame_02i-3_i386.changes Processing of ts10_0.8.030519-1_i386.changes Processing of ts10_0.8.030519-2_i386.changes Processing of ubit_3.6.4-4_i386.changes Processing of uncc_0.1.2+20030821-3_i386.changes Processing of uncc_0.1.2+20030821-3_source.changes Processing of unhtml_2.3.8_powerpc.changes Processing of vbs_1.4.0-8_i386.changes Processing of vgrind_8.1+20050830-1_i386.changes Processing of vipec_3.2.0-4_i386.changes Processing of vrweb_1.5-12_i386.changes Processing of vrweb_1.5-13_i386.changes Processing of wmfishtime_1.24-4_i386.changes Processing of wmx10_0.02-5_i386.changes Processing of x-ttcidfont-conf_15_i386.changes Processing of x10-automate_1.00-8_powerpc.changes Processing of Processing of xfs-xtt_1.4.1.xf430-6_i386.changes Processing of xpat2_1.07-7_i386.changes Processing of xruskb_1.15.3-1_i386.changes Processing of xsok_1.02-12_i386.changes Processing of xsysinfo_1.7-1_i386.changes Processing of zope-cmf_1.3.3-2_i386.changes Processing of zope-cmfldap_2.0-2_i386.changes Processing of zope-cmfworkflow_0.4.2-5_i386.changes Processing of zope-emarket_0.2.0a4-13_i386.changes Processing of zope-ldap_1.1.0-4_i386.changes Processing of zope-ldapuserfolder_2.2-3_i386.changes Processing of zope-mysqlda_2.0.8-3_i386.changes Processing of zope-parsedxml_1.3.1-6_i386.changes Processing of zope-xmlmethods_1.0.0-2_i386.changes Processing of zope-znavigator_2.02-10_i386.changes Processing of zope-zpatterns_0.4.3p2-18_i386.changes Processing of zopectl_0.3.4.4_i386.changes A quick question about your site... roundup_0.8.4-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED rvm_1.6-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED rxvt-beta override disparity rxvt-beta_2.7.10-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED rxvt_2.6.4-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED rxvt_2.6.4-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED sirc_2.211-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED Software 3000 amerada Software 3000 dexter Software 3000 formulate Software 3000 goldman Software 3000 hereford Software 3000 midpoint Software 3000 munch Software 3000 stefan Software 3000 strontium synopsis_0.5.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED tkcvs_7.2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED tleds_1.05beta10-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED toolame_02i-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED ts10_0.8.030519-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ts10_0.8.030519-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED ubit_3.6.4-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED ubit_3.6.4-4_i386.changes is NEW uncc_0.1.2+20030821-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED unhtml_2.3.8_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED vbs_1.4.0-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED vgrind_8.1+20050830-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED vipec_3.2.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED vrweb_1.5-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED vrweb_1.5-13_i386.changes ACCEPTED Windows XP Pro $49.95, Office 2003 $69.95 Windows wmfishtime_1.24-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmx10 override disparity wmx10_0.02-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED x-ttcidfont-conf_15_i386.changes ACCEPTED x10-automate_1.00-8_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED ACCEPTED xfs-xtt_1.4.1.xf430-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED xpat2_1.07-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED xruskb_1.15.3-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED xsok_1.02-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED xsysinfo_1.7-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-cmf_1.3.3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-cmfldap_2.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-cmfworkflow_0.4.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-emarket_0.2.0a4-13_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-ldap_1.1.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-ldapuserfolder_2.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-mysqlda_2.0.8-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-parsedxml_1.3.1-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-xmlmethods_1.0.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-znavigator_2.02-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED zope-zpatterns_0.4.3p2-18_i386.changes ACCEPTED zopectl_0.3.4.4_i386.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 15:08 GMT Sun Jan 01. 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