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Bug#285648: Efax can send pdf as well - whishlist or normal bug?

Hi there!
I need a little help to know how to manage this situation.

I was using the testing version of sarge. I used the package efax to send 
faxes. it worked for PS as well as for PDF files after a fix proposed from 
the reporter of bug. Bug number is 285648 and is 230 days old.

After the release of the stable version of sarge (3.1), I installed on a new 
server. I started using efax, and I saw that this little bug (285648) in the 
efax package is still present in the stable release, as (maybe) waiting for 
the action of the upstream author, which seems not have the time to put the 
patch at work.

Can I do something to help in this situation?

Thanks, Luca Arzeni
Luca Arzeni

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