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Bug#324350: ts10: FTBFS: error: impossible constraint in 'asm'

Package: ts10
Version: 0.8.030519-1
Severity: serious


Your package is failing to build on a few arches with the
following error:

On ARM, IA644 and mipsel:
gcc -Wall -g -O2 -c -DHAVE_SIGACTION -DDEBUG -I.. socket.c
socket.c: In function 'sock_Close':
socket.c:265: warning: implicit declaration of function 'free'
socket.c: In function 'SockPrintf':
socket.c:407: warning: unused variable 'sts'
socket.c: In function 'sock_Close':
socket.c:273: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
socket.c: In function 'sock_Open':
../emu/byteswap.h:19: error: impossible constraint in 'asm'
../emu/byteswap.h:25: error: impossible constraint in 'asm'

On amd64 we're seeing a simular error, and I guess it's the for
the simular/same reason:
socket.c:620: error: extended registers have no high halves

What fixed it on amd64 is to first create a temporary register
variable.  (register uint16 y = x;)

Looking at <bits/byteswap.h>, I'm guessing the correct
constraint would be "=r" instead of "=q" in both cases.

I do not have access to the other arches to check this.

But I suggest using the version from <byteswap.h> and not
override it.  Not using "emu/byteswap.h" fixes the problem for me


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