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A quick question about your site...


I've just set up a new site about e-commerce solutions, and when I was 
researching the subject, I found your site. I think your site has 
got some fantastic content, and it would be a great resource for 
my visitors. Would it be alright if I traded links with you?

I was so excited about the possible links, that I went ahead and 
added a link to your site to my Resource Directory.

Is that OK with you? The site address is 
http://www.ecommercesolutions-hq.com and the link is on http://www.ecommercesolutions-hq.com/authorizenet

If this is alright, can I ask a favor? Will you give me a link back on 
your site? I'd really appreciate it!

As you can imagine, the list that I have created of all of the sites 
I visit is really long, and some errors sometimes creep in. If you have 
received this message and it is not relevant to you, then please accept
my sincere apologies. I will remove you from my list immediately.

If you want to chat about this further, then please drop me an email, and
we'll see where we go from there.

Warm regards and best wishes,

from Doug.


P.S. When you do link back, there's some suggested code to use at

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