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Bug#136506: MAIL: Please give me some money

Qualifying for a m0ney grant is simple.

See if this works for you - see us t0day:

Best Wishes,
Billie Chin

If you do not want these messages in the futre, see this page:

He lurched round the kitchen table and pushed his face close to Cath. My hands clenched but I couldn't move, not at first.Jim's lips were compressed into a thin line and he wasn't smiling any more.That's right. I'm a regular Henry Ford. Minimum wage and no overtime.I know what you're driving at, Jim, but Bill started with nothing. We lived off credit cards for two years before Harper's turned a profit. My Dad didn't help us expand till we'd been going for three more.He ordered another round and I thought it was going to be OK. And it was. Right until we were finishing coffee. Jim had worked his way through most of a bottle of Jack Daniels, plus a couple of beer chasers. Now he was telling me about his 'sure thing' investment idea.

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