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Degress Based On Life Experience

Hey whats up,

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Darryl Espinosa

I can understand disinterest in the politics of Hollywood, but I don't see why anyone is bothered by the host briefly expressing his opinion. As it is usually an intelligent comedian hosting the ceremony, a few humourous digs at American governmental politics is to be expected, or at least understandable. Even a few jabs at the formality and seriousness of the show and awards. Regardless, I think it's important for an individual or organization to draw a line in the sand as to how watered down, simplified and pacified their message becomes. Anyone who has seen Chris Rock's stand-up, knows he already censored himself substantially delivering a family-friendly, subdued presentation. I think anyone who hates politics (of any sort) that much will probably be happier if the television stays off altogether.3

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