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Bug#320752: sendmail not found

Package: cgiemail
Version: 1.6-26

I have the same problem as someone reported before. After upgrading to
Sarge cgiemail doesn't work anymore. The errormessage is "sendmail not
found". The path to sendmail seems to be not included in the binary of
cgiemail when I'm looking for it with "strings cgiemail". I think that
cgiemail is not built correctly.

The exact error message is:

| No email was sent due to an error.
|     500 sendmail exit 127 with error message
| sh: line 1: sendmail: command not found

Debian-version: Sarge
kernel-image: 2.4.18-1-386
libc6: 2.3.2.ds1-22

Nils Bronstert

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