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[BTS#991257] po-debconf://kexec-tools/de.po [BTS#991487] po-debconf://iperf3/de.po [BTS#991488] po-debconf://prometheus-nextcloud-exporter/debian/po/de.po [DONE] man://manpages-l10n/sane-artec.5.po [DONE] man://manpages-l10n/sane-epsonds.5.po (2/2) [DONE] man://manpages-l10n/sane-ibm.5.po [DONE] man://manpages-l10n/sane-leo.5.po [DONE] man://manpages-l10n/sane-rts8891.5.po [DONE] man://manpages-l10n/sane-teco3.5.po [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-artec.5.po (1/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-artec.5.po (2/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-epsonds.5.po (1/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-epsonds.5.po (2/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-ibm.5.po [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-leo.5.po (1/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-leo.5.po (2/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-rts8891.5.po (1/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-rts8891.5.po (2/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-teco3.5.po (2/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/sane-teco3.5.po(1/2) [RFR] man://manpages-l10n/strings.1.po (1/3) Re: [RFR] po-debconf://iperf3/de.po Re: [RFR] po4a://debhelper/man/po4a/po/de.po (Teil 33/33) Re: [TAF] po-debconf://prometheus-nextcloud-exporter/debian/po/de.po lsblk from util-linux 2.33.1 XPS Ship: Email Verification Required The last update was on 11:00 GMT Tue Jul 27. There are 49 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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