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Azella iemaanija tavaa email Bekijas sexy apenes! Bug#351441: marked as done (Package: gnumach - Debian GNU/HURD does not boot after apt-get update/upgrade]) Bug#386774: marked as done (hurd: hurd_20060825-2 ruins /servers/socket/2) Bug#598430: closed by Samuel Thibault <> (Re: crosshurd: Fails to install knetbsd-gnu) Bug#598430: marked as done (crosshurd: Fails to install knetbsd-gnu) Re: Bug#612834: Enable build of libpcap-1.1.1 for GNU//Hurd Bug#613342: Fix logrotate FTBFS for GNU/Hurd Bug#613805: RFP: nfs-ganesha -- NFS server running in User Space Re: Re: Build of emacs_23.2+1-7 BY: Aizkadra joki kombinacija ar dzimumakta misekliem! Debian developers interests in patches for GNU/Hurd (Was:Re: Re: Build of emacs_23.2+1-7) Does Hurd support smp? Enable build of libpcap-1.1.1 for GNU//Hurd Getting started with Debian hurd/i386 GSoC 2011 Help needed for mesa How to do an NMU? Installing Debian hurd/amd64 Installing Debian hurd/i386 Large disk support libstdc++6 and apt Need advice if changes to file_5.04-6 enabling build on GNU/Hurd are OK? Newsletter Fev. 2011 // FANTASY - 12 mars 2011 - LYON Noderigs etalons Oferta de servicios Re: Outdated header file /usr/include/bits/sched.h for GNU/Hurd!? Package renaming Partitioning for a Hurd install Patches making libtool-2.2.10 build under GNU/Hurd Pavels piedaavaa shaujamo! Re: Please package latest inkscape for GNU/Hurd Processed: Bug#558664 marked as pending Processed: Changing submitter address Processed: retitle 517336 to runsystem should figure out that the user passed --readonly to ext2fs.static Questions on isc-dhcp Re: Review needed for X+kbd Some news Re: Upcoming FTPMaster meeting Warning: sudo-1.7.4p6-1 (and 1.7p4-6) hangs when finished Middle East Process Engineering Conference & Exhibition 2011 - Bahrain Xorg mouse fixed The last update was on 20:10 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 112 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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