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Re: Partitioning for a Hurd install

Hi David,

As you are putting the Hurd in VirtualBox then I'd suggest accepting the
defaults for Linux (other) and either no swap partition or at most 0.5GB.
You can always increase the memory if you need it and the virtual hard
disk will expand up to 8Gb which should be plenty.

Good Luck

> How should I partition for an install? I'm doing this using VirtualBox,
> but I have plenty of space. I have 4GB ram on host, which is Win7.
> So how much ram should I give the vm? And how big a swap partition should
> I create? Also do I need to partition beforehand (ie, create an ext2
> [ext3?] virtual disk, and a swap virtual disk), or just create a raw
> virtual disk and use the Hurd installer to partition?
> Lastly I have a 160GB internal IDE drive which is my C: drive (system
> drive) and a 1TB external USB drive which is my data drive (D:). Should I
> use C or D to store the vm? What about the virtual disks?
> Thanks.
> God bless
> David Hiran Watson
> e: hiranwatson@gmail.com
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