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libstdc++6 and apt


gcc 4.5 got uploaded to unstable, and brought a new libstdc++6, which
has an ABI change which makes apt crash.  I have to say I don't really
want to spend time fighting with gcc about it, so I have just rebuilt
apt against it (, it just got ACCEPTed by ftp-master, and
will appear on the mirrors by next push, in the meanwhile you can fetch
it from http://incoming.debian.org/). So:

- New installs won't have the issue.
- If you simply run apt-get dist-upgrade (after next mirror push, i.e.
  at most 6 hours from now), there should be no issue, both will get
  upgraded at the same time.
- If you install a package which pulls the new libstdc++6 without
  pulling apt, then apt will start crashing. Fetch the rebuilt version
  from mirrors, e.g.
  (or any later version). and install it by hand with dpkg


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