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Re: Installing Debian hurd/i386


Jonathan Nieder, le Fri 04 Feb 2011 22:28:05 -0600, a écrit :
>  - installing GRUB as part of the installation fails:
> 	chroot: can't execute 'grub-probe': No such file or directory

Mmm, I can't test any more because I've overwritten the image, but I'm
not able to reproduce it with the current image, could you re-check, and
post the whole d-i syslog file?

>  - menu item 'nobootloader' also fails:
> 	Wrong number of args: mapdevfs <path>

Ah, indeed, that needs to get fixed.

>  - so menu item 'finish-install' fails

And you thus get a lot of issues

>  - In the installer, I did not give root a password; that was a bad choice,
>    since I could not log in as root and the installer doesn't seem to have
>    set up a non-root user.  Booting in single-user mode with -s allows
>    one to set a password for root.

One issue is that the account setup is done after bootloader setup, that
step thus got skipped...
That being said, the sudo way would have failed, as RM had to remove
sudo to fix an issue with squeeze. Thanks to Svante Signell for having
provided a patch.

>  - "reboot" and ctrl-alt-delete did not work to reboot as a
>    nonprivileged user.

I don't even remember whether we support ctrl-alt-delete in Mach. reboot
needs to be run by root, sure.

> So I ran "sync" and then pressed the reset
>    button, with the unfortunate effect that on next boot e2fsck had a
>    lot of complaints.  No matter; pressing 'y' repeatedly on the next
>    fsck run seems to put us back in an okay state.

There's a couple of known benign issues, notably "deleted inode has zero
dtime", which is related with mapped files.

>  - although networking is not set up automatically, following the
>    instructions at [1] works nicely.

Again, that would have been done after grub setup :/


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